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New Faculty Simulation Onboarding

By: Alaina Herrington When I became a simulation coordinator, I had no prior simulation experience. Like most simulation novices, I dove into the literature and went to as many conferences as I could. My task was to open a simulation center with 13 different programs and approximately 1000 students, but I quickly realized my biggest challenge was going to be

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Academia to Bedside Series: Does Simulation Accelerate Progression from Novice to Expert? Part 3

Academia to Bedside is a four-part series that focuses on the transition of nursing students from education to their professional role. Part 3 focuses on the role of the Nurse Educator using technology (simulation) to help transition from the classroom to the bedside. By: Jean Zavertnik and Judy Murphy While nursing schools across the country use simulation to provide clinical

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Future of Technology in Nursing Education Part 1: The What and Why of Technology Use in Today’s Nursing Student

The What and Why of Technology Use in Today’s Nursing Student is a four-part series that focuses on the technology today’s Nursing Students are using when learning and providing patient care . Part 1 focuses the future of technology as it relates to Nursing Education.  By: Sue Forneris and Jone Tiffany According to the National League for Nursing 2015 Vision

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Are Your In Situ Simulations Meaningful for All?

By: Melanie Cason Many in situ simulation experiences in medical facilities involve the deterioration of the patient into a cardio-pulmonary arrest. But mock codes have the reputation of being just that – mock. Usually a number of responders arrive quickly, leaders are identified and immediately play out their parts, and there is quick progression to ACLS. In contrast, providing a

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QR Codes and Augmented Reality: What Are They and How Can I Use Them in the Nursing Classroom?

By: Alaina Herrington and Cedar Wang Smartphones have become an unavoidable extension of our educational toolkit. We snap photos of everything. So how do we embrace the usefulness of this emerging technology and capture the attention of the digital natives in our classrooms and simulation labs? The use of QR (quick response) codes and augmented reality applications provides a new

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Mentoring Each Other: The Faculty Journey In Simulation-Based Education

By: Sabrina Koh Faculty development and education leadership are areas that require focus and continuous growth. In Asia, where simulation-based education (SBE) is emerging as a subspecialty in nursing education, it is often assumed that faculty have the ability to facilitate simulations as content experts, and institutions and administrators see no urgent need for faculty development. It is assumed that

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