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What It’s Like to Present Your Homegrown Solution at INACSL

By: Alaina Herrington and Julie Poore The International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) conference is mind-blowing. With so many simulation experts in one place, ideas are everywhere. The first time we attended this conference, we were overwhelmed by the power simulation has had on nursing education. We were honored when the HomeGrown Solution Committee, an INACSL initiative

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Hints for Starting a New Sim Lab or Jump-Starting an Old One

By: Alaina Herrington and Rebecca Cockrell Starting a new simulation center can be overwhelming to say the least. Below are some of the lessons we learned from establishing a new simulation lab: Get administrative buy-in. If your administration believes in simulation and understands the INACSL Standards of Best Practice, many obstacles will be eliminated. We have found that if faculty

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Using Theater Students as Standardized Patients: What Works and What Doesn’t

By: Beth Hallmark The history of using a live person to portray a patient dates back to 1963, when Dr. Howard Barrows from the University of Southern California introduced a simulated patient to his neurology students. Dr. Barrows was able to create a patient case from a real patient situation he had treated. Using this direct method of observation, he

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How to: Using IPE Simulation to Satisfy Regulatory Requirements for Practice Assessment

By: Cedar Wang As the benefits and efficacy of simulation training continue to grow, health care providers can expect to be engaged in this type of training not only in the academic setting, but throughout their careers. Many of today’s nursing and medical students who experience simulation during their formal schooling may also participate in simulation within the context of

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New Faculty Simulation Onboarding

By: Alaina Herrington When I became a simulation coordinator, I had no prior simulation experience. Like most simulation novices, I dove into the literature and went to as many conferences as I could. My task was to open a simulation center with 13 different programs and approximately 1000 students, but I quickly realized my biggest challenge was going to be

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Coaching SPs

By: Beth Hallmark and Cedar Wang Now that you have hired and scheduled the actor, coaching a standardized patient (SP) on his/her role is essential to ensure a safe, productive educational outcome for all involved. Like the director of a film or stage production, the SP trainer/coach directs and guides the actor to convey the story in the most meaningful

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