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Coaching SPs

By: Beth Hallmark and Cedar Wang Now that you have hired and scheduled the actor, coaching a standardized patient (SP) on his/her role is essential to ensure a safe, productive educational outcome for all involved. Like the director of a film or stage production, the SP trainer/coach directs and guides the actor to convey the story in the most meaningful

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Working Smarter: The Logistics of Scheduling SPs

By: Beth Hallmark and Cedar Wang As we continue our conversation about standardized patients (SPs), there are many logistical details to consider. This blog shares suggestions for scheduling, including the pros and cons of two computerized scheduling programs, and describes how personnel at two centers oversee this complicated process. Scheduling SPs can be very time consuming. Remember to work smarter,

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Are You Using High-Stakes Assessment? Do You Have Intra/Interrater Reliability?

By: Jean Ellen Zavertnik and Ann Holland Is high-stakes assessment in simulation used in your program? By this we mean “an evaluation process associated with a simulation activity that has a major academic or educational consequence” (Meakim et al., 2013, p. S7). As greater emphasis is placed on high-stakes assessment of simulation performance in nursing education, programs must ensure that

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Simulation Center Finances: Calculating Fees and Costs

By: Alaina Herrington Freestanding simulation centers total an estimated $200,000 to $1.6 million for start-up costs and at least $15,000 for annual maintenance (Tuoriniemi & Schott-Baer, 2008). This enormous cost can leave organizations looking for creative ways to balance the budget. If you are like me, you have had many organizations interested in using your simulation center, and you have

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Mentoring Each Other: The Faculty Journey In Simulation-Based Education

By: Sabrina Koh Faculty development and education leadership are areas that require focus and continuous growth. In Asia, where simulation-based education (SBE) is emerging as a subspecialty in nursing education, it is often assumed that faculty have the ability to facilitate simulations as content experts, and institutions and administrators see no urgent need for faculty development. It is assumed that

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