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Death of a Simulator: Pro and Con

By: Alaina Herrington and Sabrina Beroz Pro side There is little literature on the death of a simulator. However, literature exists on the lack of preparation students and practicing nurses feel when caring for patient death. Anxiety, personal inadequacy, and shock have been identified as common themes (Leighton, 2009). The NLN Jeffries Simulation Theory defines outcomes at three levels (participant,

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Academia to Bedside: Does Simulation Accelerate Progression from Novice to Expert? Part 2

Academia to Bedside is a four-part series that focuses on the transition of nursing students from education to their professional role. Part 2 focuses on the role of simulation in accelerating novice nurses to experts.  By: Jean Zavertnik, Judy Murphy, and Justine Dawson While nursing schools across the country use simulation to provide clinical experiences in a safe, controlled environment,

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