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Navigating Social Media

By: Jone Tiffany Since the emergence of social media platforms in 2004, there has been an exponential increase in the number of nurses using these sites. Social media sites provide nurses with a unique lens through which to view and interact with information. Roughly two thirds of US adults (68 percent) now report they are Facebook users, and roughly three

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Who Is Keeping Track of Our Formally Educated Simulationists?

By: Janet Willhaus This is the final part in the four-part series on the Evaluation of Educators Who Teach Simulation Pedagogy. Read part one, part two, and part three of the series. Many of us learned simulation by doing, but the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) recommends nurse educators teaching with simulation obtain formal training in the pedagogy

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Not Everyone Is a Seven: Evaluating the Simulation Educator Part II

By: Alaina Herrington This is the second part in the four-part series on the Evaluation of Educators Who Teach Simulation Pedagogy. Read part one of the series. The INACSL Standards of Best Practice SM (2016) recognize the need for ongoing training for facilitators of simulation. In addition, the Society for Simulation in Healthcare Standards (2016) requires programs to ensure the

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The Evaluation of Educators Who Teach Simulation Pedagogy: Part I of a 4-Part Series Who’s Looking Downstream at Simulation Train the Trainer Participants?

By: Sabrina Beroz This is the first in a series of four blogs on the evaluation of educators who teach simulation pedagogy. Many institutions send their educators to Train the Trainer programs. The hope is these participants will return home to teach their newly learned simulation knowledge to other health care educators. The question arises: Who is looking downstream at

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Does Your Sim Center Have What It Takes To Be a Film Location?

By: Alaina Herrington Film producers and directors are always looking for realistic health care settings. However, hospitals and clinic locations are difficult to secure. Because simulation centers have state-of-the-art equipment and replicate health care settings so closely, they can earn a lot of money just for opening their doors to production companies. We have earned at least $200 to $250

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Help! What Is a HyperDoc?

By: Jone Tiffany and Susan Forneris Once again, the K-12 education community is in the lead on innovative teaching/learning strategies! Educators are told that a revolution is coming, that we need to quit lecturing and infuse more active learning strategies in our teaching (Forneris, 2018; Stillman & Stillman, 2017). Since K-12 education has focused more on adapting to students, rather

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