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How the COVID-19 [Coronavirus] Underscores Why Nursing Education Should Be Offering Tele-Learning and Tele-Health Experiences

By Elizabeth Speakman   As the US braces for the expansion of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), schools and many organizations are altering their traditional delivery methods and using technology-based platforms. Institutions, including those with nursing programs, have been conducting emergency sessions and professional development series to help faculty/employees convert traditional modalities into technology modalities. The question is: Should nursing education have been better prepared? Have traditional teaching techniques, especially in prelicensure education, caused us to be outdated?   The fact that care delivery today, and certainly in

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Exploring the world of telehealth and implications for nursing education with Dr. Helen Connors: An NLNTEQ Interview

By: Dr. Helen Connors According to the Telehealth Resource Center, Telehealth, in its broadest sense, is a collection of means or methods for enhancing health care, public health, and health education delivery and support using telecommunications technology. It includes: long distance videoconferencing; store and forward; remote patient monitoring; and mobile health (mHealth). Recently, the American Nurses Association (ANA) proposed Connected

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