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How Nurse Educators Can Navigate the “Web” to Find Information on Social Media Sites.

By: Jone Tiffany As a member of the group #nursewhotweet, I often am asked where I go on the “web” to find information about nursing education and health care. That question always causes me to pause and reflect. Sometimes I can answer the question, but often I have to answer, “I don’t know, I just find it.” I know that

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Collaborating in a Technology-Rich Classroom Is Flipping Fun

By: Robin Benson Thompson and Rebecca Butler Technology and innovation have changed the way we move within the world. We communicate, shop, and network differently than our parents did years ago. Technology has also changed the way we learn from one another. “Flipping the classroom” is a now very common buzz phrase in education. The process transforms the role of

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Navigating Social Media

By: Jone Tiffany Since the emergence of social media platforms in 2004, there has been an exponential increase in the number of nurses using these sites. Social media sites provide nurses with a unique lens through which to view and interact with information. Roughly two thirds of US adults (68 percent) now report they are Facebook users, and roughly three

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The History of the NLN and Experiential Learning Part 1: 1893 to the 1960s

By: M. Elaine Tagliareni, EdD, RN, CNE, FAAN The History of the NLN and Experiential Learning is a two-part series. Part 1 focuses on 1893 to the 1960s. The National League for Nursing was formed in 1893 by courageous superintendents of US training schools at the Chicago World’s Fair; these creative and visionary pathfinders recognized the need to formalize the

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Using Double Robotics for a NICU Simulated Experience

By: Jean Ellen Zavertnik and Nancy Meehan Can nursing students benefit from hands-on use of technology in a freshman informatics course using the Double Robotics device? Yes, feedback from students has been overwhelmingly positive. We want to share this course assignment with you and tell you how student develop a beginning understanding of the positive and negative aspects of technology

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The Forecast for Tech Usage and Growth in Nursing Education: Part 4 of the series The Future of Technology in Nursing Education

In part 4 of this 4-part series, the dialogue continues on the topic: The Future of Technology in Nursing Education.  We discuss findings from the NLN and Wolters Kluwer (WK) national survey on the tech growth in nursing education over the next 5 years. By: Jone Tiffany and Sue Forneris In the final part of this 4-part series, our dialogue continues

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