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Working Smarter: The Logistics of Scheduling SPs

By: Beth Hallmark and Cedar Wang As we continue our conversation about standardized patients (SPs), there are many logistical details to consider. This blog shares suggestions for scheduling, including the pros and cons of two computerized scheduling programs, and describes how personnel at two centers oversee this complicated process. Scheduling SPs can be very time consuming. Remember to work smarter,

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What’s Driving the Adoption of Technology in Nursing Education? Part 3 of the series The Future of Technology in Nursing Education

In part 3 of this 4-part series, the dialogue continues on the topic: What’s Driving the Adoption of Technology in Nursing Education? We discuss findings from the NLN and Wolters Kluwer (WK) national survey on the use of technology in schools of nursing, the reasons behind the push for greater adoption of technology, and differences in how faculty and deans

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Simulation Development for Moderate Sedation—A TeamSTEPPS Approach

By: Melanie Cason Interdisciplinary education (IPE) in a busy medical center can also be an education in coordination and “herding cats.” Beyond the mock codes that prevail, specialty departments require special consideration in simulation design development for effective teamwork experiences. Creating a bundle of simulation scenarios in an area in which one is not the content expert requires collaboration and

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Ask the Expert: Visioning of Simulation in Nursing Education

By: Dr. Pamela Jeffries In her responses to the questions that follow, Dr. Pamela Jeffries shares her insights and leadership accomplishments in simulation in nursing education with NLNTEQ. 1. What are the significant milestones in your work as a leader in nursing? My simulation work began when I was selected to serve as program director for the first NLN simulation

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Build Your Case for Simulation Equipment

By: Sabrina Beroz In a relatively short period of time, technology has changed the world. Technology is everywhere. We have computers, smartphones, tablets, and cloud computing. Simulation-based education using high-fidelity manikins has been integrated into nursing curricula for more than a decade. Nursing students can now practice care in a safe environment to promote clinical reasoning and decision-making.  However, these

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Try This: Using Quick Response (QR) Codes in the Simulation Lab

By: Jean Ellen Zavertnik and Kristen Lawson While the newer simulation software allows the programmer to input media files to display lab values, x-rays, and video clips during a patient scenario, there are times when a high-fidelity manikin is not being utilized for the simulation. During these times, a QR code might be used to reveal certain aspects of the

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