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Stop Lecturing!

By: Susan Gross Forneris Unfortunate as it is, active learning is fast becoming misunderstood. In many teaching circles, active learning is aligned with the buzz phrase flipped classroom…and often equates to creating games to keep students occupied. Nurse faculty uncomfortable with active learning will defend the continuation of lecture with: “the students demand lecture – they want the PowerPoints”; or,

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What is the future for online teaching and learning in nursing education: An NLNTEQ interview with Diane M. Billings

Teaching and learning in an online environment has evolved as an integral component of the nurse educator’s role. This interview with Dr. Diane M, Billings, Chancellor’s Professor Emeritus at the Indiana University School of Nursing, Indianapolis, discusses the developmental milestones that have brought online education in nursing to its current state. Dr. Billings explores the future in the context of

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Exploring the world of telehealth and implications for nursing education with Dr. Helen Connors: An NLNTEQ Interview

By: Dr. Helen Connors According to the Telehealth Resource Center, Telehealth, in its broadest sense, is a collection of means or methods for enhancing health care, public health, and health education delivery and support using telecommunications technology. It includes: long distance videoconferencing; store and forward; remote patient monitoring; and mobile health (mHealth). Recently, the American Nurses Association (ANA) proposed Connected

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Ask the Expert: Visioning of Simulation in Nursing Education

By: Dr. Pamela Jeffries In her responses to the questions that follow, Dr. Pamela Jeffries shares her insights and leadership accomplishments in simulation in nursing education with NLNTEQ. 1. What are the significant milestones in your work as a leader in nursing? My simulation work began when I was selected to serve as program director for the first NLN simulation

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What were your biggest takeaways from the project that explored the use of simulation for high-stakes assessment?

By: Mary Anne Rizzolo We learned a great deal about how to design simulations that can be used for assessment and we developed guidelines for ensuring that they are implemented as consistently as possible, but the evaluation phase was the most challenging aspect of the project. While I had expected that the evaluation of students was going to be difficult,

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