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e-Learning Platforms and Tools: Part 1

By: Mathew Byrne The big four course management systems (CMS) continue to rule the landscape of e-learning platforms in academia. However, the e-learning space is becoming increasingly crowded as nonacademic platforms and several e-learning tools have emerged as more than just complements to the powerhouse systems. It is probably rare that nurse faculty would choose to “re-platform” outside of their

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Integrating Care Into Simulation

By Jean Ellen Zavertnik Caring, the essence of the nursing profession, is an important concept to both the patient and the nurse. We know that caring impacts patient outcomes, patient satisfaction, and nurse satisfaction. Simulation generally focuses on practicing skills such as communication, safety, delegation, or teamwork. Simulations can, however, also provide an opportunity for the learner to “recognize the

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Collaborating in a Technology-Rich Classroom Is Flipping Fun

By: Robin Benson Thompson and Rebecca Butler Technology and innovation have changed the way we move within the world. We communicate, shop, and network differently than our parents did years ago. Technology has also changed the way we learn from one another. “Flipping the classroom” is a now very common buzz phrase in education. The process transforms the role of

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Mindfulness: Pay Attention in Simulation and Life

By: Robin Cunningham When four of us participated in the NLN Leadership Institute program for simulation leaders in 2017, we worked together to identify a group project. Finding little on mindfulness in nursing student simulations, we decided to implement our resulting Mindfulness Simulation Leader project during simulation prebriefing at each of our four schools of nursing — three universities in

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Policies and Procedures. Part 7 of the 7-Part Series Dissecting the Sim Ops Standard

By: Tonya Schneidereith and Julie Poore Previously in this series we helped you think about simulation readiness, the role of strategic planning, different ways to conceptualize staffing models,  the importance of systems management, financial considerations, and systems integration. Now, in the final blog of the series, we emphasize criterion 6 on written policies and procedures needed to support and sustain your simulation program (INACSL Standards Committee,

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Systems Integration. Part 6 of the 7-Part Series “Dissecting the Sim Ops Standard”

By: Tonya Schneidereith and Crystel L. Farina Previously in this series we helped you think about simulation readiness, the role of strategic planning, different ways to conceptualize staffing models, the importance of systems management, and financial considerations. Now in part 6, we synthesize these topics within the context of the parent organization’s system, including strategic planning, evaluation, and resource management. As

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