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Academia to Bedside Series: Does Simulation Accelerate Progression from Novice to Expert? Part 3

Academia to Bedside is a four-part series that focuses on the transition of nursing students from education to their professional role. Part 3 focuses on the role of the Nurse Educator using technology (simulation) to help transition from the classroom to the bedside. By: Jean Zavertnik and Judy Murphy While nursing schools across the country use simulation to provide clinical

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What were your biggest takeaways from the project that explored the use of simulation for high-stakes assessment?

By: Mary Anne Rizzolo We learned a great deal about how to design simulations that can be used for assessment and we developed guidelines for ensuring that they are implemented as consistently as possible, but the evaluation phase was the most challenging aspect of the project. While I had expected that the evaluation of students was going to be difficult,

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Future of Technology in Nursing Education Part 1: The What and Why of Technology Use in Today’s Nursing Student

The What and Why of Technology Use in Today’s Nursing Student is a four-part series that focuses on the technology today’s Nursing Students are using when learning and providing patient care . Part 1 focuses the future of technology as it relates to Nursing Education.  By: Sue Forneris and Jone Tiffany According to the National League for Nursing 2015 Vision

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Implementing the Standards of Best Practice: Simulation

By: Tonya Schneidereith and Sabrina Beroz The International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) conference this year was enormous, with many thrilling presentations addressing the various aspects of the Standards of Best Practice: SimulationSM.  There was a four-hour preconference on using the newly revised 2016 Standards, and there were podium presentations on debriefing methods, interprofessional simulations, evaluation, and

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Moving from Disease-Based to Concept-Based Simulations

By: Alaina Herrington and Tonya Schneidereith How does one define curricular integration of simulation? The number of answers to this question will most likely equal the number of people asked…especially since there are countless ways for nursing programs to integrate simulation throughout the nursing curriculum. In 2015, a small group of our NLN Simulation Leader cohort found there was no

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Tips for Successful IPE There’s No ‘I’ in Team: Interprofessional Teams Succeed.

IPE Simulation Series is a three-part series that focuses on using Simulation in the classroom and in practice.  Part 1 focuses on “Tips for Successful IPE”. By: Judy Murphy and Melanie Cason Interprofessional education and practice are critical to patient safety and improved patient care. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, in collaboration with the Department of Defense, developed

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