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Are We Missing Out on Beneficial Learning Applications? Mobile Apps Used by Consumers That Should be Used by Nursing Education

By: Donna Guerra “There’s an app for that!” More than ever before, mobile applications are powerful tools mainstreamed into the daily life of consumers. The most recent statistics indicate that 2.9 million mobile applications are available for android in the Google Play Store (Clement, 2020), with 1.8 million applications available for iOS in the Apple App Store (Costello, 2020). From

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1819–2019: Innovation 200 Years in the Making

By: Eileen Werdman and Robin Wagner Solving the health care issues of tomorrow will not be accomplished by using today’s methods. In addition to the Nursing Process, nurses will need to employ another problem-solving technique, specifically, design thinking. Following is an account of our journey to realize the vision of the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing: “Through the creative

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