Monthly Archives: November 2019

Moving Beyond Monologue in the Classroom

By: Sue Forneris and Mary Fey As educators, there’s no question that we know how to teach … right? Our early Greek philosophers differentiated human beings from other species based on our ability to use language. Yet, when one reads further about the use of language, we find that language should be informative, expressive, directive – used to reason, express ideas,

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How Nurse Educators Can Navigate the “Web” to Find Information on Social Media Sites.

By: Jone Tiffany As a member of the group #nursewhotweet, I often am asked where I go on the “web” to find information about nursing education and health care. That question always causes me to pause and reflect. Sometimes I can answer the question, but often I have to answer, “I don’t know, I just find it.” I know that

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