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Policies and Procedures. Part 7 of the 7-Part Series Dissecting the Sim Ops Standard

By: Tonya Schneidereith and Julie Poore Previously in this series we helped you think about simulation readiness, the role of strategic planning, different ways to conceptualize staffing models,  the importance of systems management, financial considerations, and systems integration. Now, in the final blog of the series, we emphasize criterion 6 on written policies and procedures needed to support and sustain your simulation program (INACSL Standards Committee,

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Systems Integration. Part 6 of the 7-Part Series “Dissecting the Sim Ops Standard”

By: Tonya Schneidereith and Crystel L. Farina Previously in this series we helped you think about simulation readiness, the role of strategic planning, different ways to conceptualize staffing models, the importance of systems management, and financial considerations. Now in part 6, we synthesize these topics within the context of the parent organization’s system, including strategic planning, evaluation, and resource management. As

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