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Patient-Centered Simulations: How My Daughter Taught Me About the Power of Simulation for Educating Patients

By: Alaina Herrington By now we have all heard about the benefits simulation education has on our learners (Issenberg, Mcgaghie, Petrusa, Gordon, & Scalese, 2005). However, simulation is not just a tool for our students and staff members. It is a tool that can help patients and families learn about upcoming procedures and how to provide care outside the hospital.

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Systems Management. Part 4 of the 7-Part Series Dissecting the Sim Ops Standard

By: Tonya Schneidereith and Crystel L. Farina Previously in this series we helped you think about simulation readiness, the importance of strategic planning, and different ways to conceptualize staffing models. Now in Part 4, we identify the importance of systems to manage space, equipment, and personnel resources. Criterion 3 of the INACSL Standard of Best Practice: SimulationSM: Operations is: “Use

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