Monthly Archives: June 2018

Stop Lecturing!

By: Susan Gross Forneris Unfortunate as it is, active learning is fast becoming misunderstood. In many teaching circles, active learning is aligned with the buzz phrase flipped classroom…and often equates to creating games to keep students occupied. Nurse faculty uncomfortable with active learning will defend the continuation of lecture with: “the students demand lecture – they want the PowerPoints”; or,

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HomeGrown Moulage Tips

By Alaina Herrington and Julie Poore Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about the word fidelity and whether we should even use it to describe simulation modalities. To some the word is synonymous with a high level of technology, while others – like us – equate fidelity to the degree with which a simulation mimics reality. For example,

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Homegrown Solution for a Low Cost Electronic Health Record

By: Julie Poore and Alaina Herrington The HomeGrown Solution that we recommend most to friends and colleagues is how to create an electronic health record using Microsoft Word. Using an electronic health record (EHR) during a simulation experience provides participants with the opportunity to access and analyze patient health information, practice complete and accurate documentation, and improve patient and provider

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