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It Has to Be Right … Teaching Debriefing to Nurse Educators

By: Sabrina Beroz What we know: Debriefing is where learning happens in simulation-based education. It is a reflective process that takes place after the simulation experience. Reflection allows the learner to integrate new information into preexisting knowledge enhancing learner outcomes; debriefing reframes prior frames. For students, the consequences of poor debriefing processes include the failure to attain learner objectives and

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The Value of Prebriefing and Debriefing for Interprofessional Learning

IPE Simulation Series is a three-part series that focuses on using Simulation in the classroom and in practice.  Part 2 focuses on “IPE Learning”. By: Judy Murphy General Information: Prebriefing Prebriefing is critical to a successful simulation. “The purpose of prebriefing is to establish a psychologically safe environment for participants” (INACSL Standards Committee, 2016). Simulations can be quite intense. Participants

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