NLN Technology Edge Quarterly

Welcome to the inaugural newsletter of the NLN Center for Innovation in Simulation and Technology. Technology Edge Quarterly (TEQ) will provide you with updates on our work and upcoming events. In brief, the NLN’s simulation and technology center keeps nurse educators up-to-date on the latest innovations in simulation, e-learning, telehealth, and the integration of informatics into curricula. The center engages in resource development and collaborative partnerships to advance the faculty role with simulation and emerging technology.
The center specializes in faculty development to achieve best practices in the delivery of simulation and technology based teaching practices. These initiatives are changing the landscape of nursing education to be contextual, interactive, and reflective through its ongoing work to bring technology-based platforms and faculty development to nurse educators. Please read on to learn about upcoming events, products, and services that address your professional development needs in today’s technology-rich teaching environment.
Sue's signature - Copy
Susan Gross Forneris, PhD, RN, CNE, CHSE-A
Excelsior Deputy Director
NLN Center for Innovation in Simulation and Technology



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